Never forget to claim your Airline Shopping Portal miles.

RewardStack is a simple and free browser extension that provides a reminder to your frequent flyer shopping program to help your earn more miles for your next trip.
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Why I built RewardStack

Hi, I’m Mark and I created RewardStack.

A few years back I got married.

Like most couples planning their wedding my now wife Megan and I wanted to go on an amazing, unforgettable honeymoon. We began talking about where we wanted to go, creating a long list of ideas, and ultimately landed on the island of Bali. But we ran into one big problem. Getting to Bali was expensive and we were already spending a lot of money on our wedding. So, I asked myself - “How can I go on this trip for as little money as possible?” and started brainstorming.

I had heard of this concept of travel hacking, and knew it was possible to earn airline miles without flying, but had no idea how to do it. So, I did some researching on how to travel for free and it got a little obsessive – I spent weeks reading blog posts and developed a strategy to earn points on our everyday spending to get us on our dream honeymoon. Once I had it all planned out I pitched Megan on how we were going to get to Bali for free. She was in.

It of course took some time to accumulate the miles we needed but we were able to fly to Bali, with a stop in Tokyo, for a 3 week honeymoon for free!

Since then we’ve been able to Hawaii, multiple trips to Europe and have built up a war chest of miles to use on our future trips.

After many conversations with friends and family about how we’ve been able to travel for free I’ve realized something - everyone wants to travel for free - but most people don’t have the time to get as obsessive as I did to learn the ins and outs of travel hacking.

So, I created RewardStack to make it easy for anyone to start travel hacking and earning miles toward their dream vacation.

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