What’s new at RewardStack?

New look, New Name

Formerly known as MilesBar, we’re excited to relaunch as RewardStack with a new look, new name today and an exciting new feature today!

New Design!

We’ve updated our design to fit better within your browsing experience. Our new design now pops up on the right side of your browser when you’re on a site that is part of your miles program. This new design makes it easier to continue to browse without interruption and click your miles link when you know you’re ready to buy!

RewardStack now supports multiple airline programs!

RewardStack now allows you to select multiple programs to display in your browser. Update your settings to show the airline programs you are earning miles towards a trip on.

Easily check the value from each program by clicking “Claim Miles” and make sure you’re getting the most out of your purchase.

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What’s next?

Keep an eye out for a small enhancement we’ll be adding to support the $/miles rates right in RewardStack - no more clicking through to find out how much you’re earn.

We’re hard at work on some exciting new features to give you more opportunities to maximize rewards beyond your miles shopping program! Subscribe to our newsletter below to be the first to know!

Questions or concerns? Please drop Mark a note at mark@getrewardstack.com

Date Posted: February 6, 2018