A trip to Naples, Italy

The best way to get from Naples Italy Airport to the city center
Bus, taxi and rental car services are available at the airport. Any of these modes of transportation can get you to where you want to go. The main train station of Naples is located near Piazza Garibaldi, which is 15-minutes from the airport. 

How to get around Naples, Italy as a tourist
The best way to truly visit the city is by walking or renting a bike. The bus service is also available for tourists to use but it can be unreliable and hard to follow. It is important to know not hail an unregistered taxi. These taxi drivers will follow you around and they drive black cars and have different license plates. The Metro is also an easy and safe way to travel throughout the city for less than $5 per person for a daily pass. 

Day trips from Naples
If you are visiting Naples, Italy then you need to visit Pompeii. Pompeii is an archaeological site of a lava eruption which was caused by Mt. Vesuvius in 79A.D. The destruction by the lava actually helped preserve special artifacts, rooms and humans remains. The coastline of southern Italy is at is best along the Amalfi Coast. Most catch a ferry ride to the nearby island of Capri. It is a beautiful island filled with precious shops and fine liquor at every turn. 
Must see spots in Naples, Italy!
Piazza Plebiscito- This a true symbol of Naples and it’s amazing culture. Legend says if a person walks through the two horses while blindfolded with their back to Palazzo Reale, they are gifted or will become rich. 
Capodimonte Royal Palace & Museum- For the price of one, you can visit famous works of Neapolitan artists such as Botticelli, Caravaggio and Raphael. 
Lungomare Caracciolo- This is a postcard perfect setting of what everyone thinks Naples is like and they are right. This street is bursting with color, tasteful shops and many humble locals. 
Catacombs of San Gennaro- San Gennaro is the Patron Saint of Naples and his remains (as well as others) were once buried at this unground cemetry. 
Castle of the Egg (Castel del’Ovo)- This is the oldest castle in Naples and offers the best vista in all of Naples. The original port of the ancient city Neapolis was found underneath this castle during an exploratory search in 2017. 

Where to eat on your trip to Naples, Italy
There is only one pizza place that has the heart of all Neapolitans and that is L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. The margherita pizza is authentic and deliciously topped with buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil. 
Desserts not to miss are the sfogliatelle (similar to a lobster) and babà (sponge-cake filled with rum). The best spot to find a delicious dessert such as the ones mentioned is Carraturo near Porta Capuana. Here you will find true Neapolitans sipping on espressos and enjoying fine pastries. 

Don't waste your precious vacation time in Naples...
You should not waste your time with is visiting Piazza Garibaldi or Via Marina. Both of these areas have beautiful buildings and statues but they are unsafe for tourists and locals alike. There are too many drug dealers and pick pocketers around to safely enjoy the view. 

The best time to visit Naples
The best time to visit Naples, Italy is April to June or September and October. The weather is perfect and you will find the city to be less crowded. June and July are the most crowded months. Keep in mind that most Neapolitans take their yearly vacation in August, leaving the city deserted and most shops closed. 

If you're a first timer be sure to check out
Spaccanapoli  is a long street split right down the middle of Naples. This street is lined with souvenir shops, restaurants, churches and pastry shops. You cannot go wrong when visiting the heart of Naples, Italy.